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Kimana, Native American for “butterfly”, is considered a symbol of change and
transformation. At Kimana, our purpose is to create an integrated approach
to improving an individual’s quality of life. Our client is a person longing for mind-body
harmony and grounding; someone who wishes to be detoxified of the noise and heaviness city
life bears. Additionally, retreats are solutions for business leaders who wish to reinforce
strength and encourage cooperation in their workplace.

Equal parts vacation and learning, Kimana clients will enjoy a multitude of body-
mind rejuvenation services including spa amenities, yoga and meditation, nutritional

consultation, and organic farming and gardening.
The setting of Kimana is located in Desert Hot Springs, California, on a five-acre
plot of land. This desert land boasts mineral hot springs and fertile, untouched soil.

Kimana will be conducted as a mission-driven and customer-
focused business. Additionally, Kimana will be donating one retreat a month to an

underserved population. It will leave a lasting impact on both the community of Desert
Hot Springs as well as every individual who attends a retreat.

Our Mission

To positively transform the lives of individuals through the use of integrated

healing practices.

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