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About Kimana

Our Mission

Kimana, Native American for “butterfly,” is a universal symbol of change and transformation.

At Kimana our purpose is to nurture the body, mind, and spirit to unlock the full potential of individuals, fostering unity within our community for a more harmonious world.

Founder's Note:

During my anniversary trip in January 1998, I stumbled upon the extraordinary hot mineral waters of Desert Hot Springs. The experience of immersing in this rich water was truly remarkable, with its therapeutic properties helping to revitalize both my body and mind. This sparked routine visits from LA to indulge in the revitalizing waters. With each consequent visit, a vision took shape in my mind—to establish my own desert haven for visitors. In 2016, fate led me to stumble upon a plot of land with potential, and I decided to seize the opportunity. Taking a leap of faith, I purchased the property, and dug a well, hoping to uncover hot mineral water below its surface. That hope became reality, and my vision started to come to fruition. Through this challenging journey I worked to transform barren land into a vibrant desert oasis. Desert Hot Springs is renowned for its energy vortexes, and our unique location is in the center of these swirling energies that emit a strong flow of positive vibrations, having profound healing effects. I excitedly look forward to welcoming you as our guest and to experience this slice of heaven for yourself!

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