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What Our Guests Say


This experience was amazing. We really enjoyed the hot springs. Before going in the hot springs we walked the property and it was so beautiful. The day we went it was rainy and cloudy but it was still a very beautiful view. When we first arrived we got a really nice short tour and she made us feel so comfortable. This is definitely an experience that you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy hot springs :)


AMAZING! This is a must book experience. Your own private desert hot springs oasis with total and complete privacy. They grounds are impeccable, hosts are very welcoming, and the waters are so nourishing. Highly recommend.


This experience was top notch, if you are thinking about booking it- do it! We were so impressed with the grounds and absolutely loved the springs. The hosts are so kind and have great communication. I cant wait to return!


What an amazing experience! Julia waited for us outside the gate and then gave my friends and tour of the property. Also, she provided some interesting facts about the hot springs. THIS is a must try experience. Two hours was not enough and we dreaded the idea of leaving - that’s how wonderful it was. Definitely coming back here again!


The location is extremely beautiful and totally relaxing. Loved the story behind it. It really fits the definition of an oasis in the middle of the desert. Away from it all. So much thought was put into the design. And the guests are treated wonderfully. The hot springs are great and the grounds are lovely. The view is spectacular. There were four of us in my party and we all raved about the whole experience. Loved the privacy and enjoyed all the wonderful, special touches. Great value, too.


This experience is magical! We celebrated my husband’s birthday here with his family and after a weekend of hiking and exploring Joshua Tree, the Hot Springs were absolutely perfect to just relax and enjoy time together. Highly recommend bringing some snacks and a waterproof speaker to set your own ambience. We spent the entire time in the hot springs, dipping into the different pools, but the grounds looked beautiful as well. Our hosts were so welcoming!! Highly recommend!!


It was a surprise to arrive to this actual Oasis, right in the middle of a residential area! Everything is spectacular about this place. You can palpably feel the vision, energy and love put into this lush creation. Julia was an absolute pleasure to meet and talk to. I really enjoyed hearing the history of the land and the original stewards of the area. Thank you for a fantastic sunset experience.


Book it. With this experience you have private access to the entire property, you can hike around and take photos at the top of the grounds. The baths are amazing. Three of us visited and we were able to have our own alone time in each of the pools and also spend time in a pool all together. The water is so clear and warm and feels so wonderful on your skin. This was one of my favorite experiences ever. Julia was incredibly knowledgeable and told us all about the benefits of the mineral water and how these pools came to be. 10/10 would recommend. Book it!!


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